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Allan Aaron Katz – Allan wrote, produced and acted for the successful Canadian comedy troupe MAD IN CANADA. After being named Best Newcomer in Canadian Television he moved to Los Angeles where he continued his acting career, but began to concentrate more on his writing.

He wrote and acted in the Miramax film DIAMONDS starring Kirk Douglas, Dan Ackroyd and Lauren Bacall. His script DESERT STORM (Martin Poll Productions) has John Milius attached to direct. This coming summer Allan is producing his first feature film based on his script SENOR VASQUEZ AND THE HOLY DONUT (Atomik Pictures) starring Alfred Molina in the lead role.

Raised as an Orthodox Jew during the Disco era SHABBOS NIGHT FEVER is basically Allan Katz’s true life story except for the fact the girl was French Canadian, he lived in Montreal, he didn’t wear peahs and his brother was not a rabbi. Okay, a lot of it is made up, but he’s a very good disco dancer.

Allan is represented by Martin Baum at CAA.

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