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Ben Fiore is a retired NYC Police Officer who followed his lifelong fascination with the cinema by taking on the craft of screenwriting.

He penned several short screenplays which were developed into compelling films, two of which went on to become the official selections of three major New York film festivals. A sometime character actor and police film technical advisor, he appeared in several feature and short films, mostly portraying a police officer.

In May of 2006, Ben was awarded a 'second place' nod in Hollywood's 'An Abbreviated Screenplay Contest' with his chilling short, "On a Dark Street", now a compelling feature length screenplay.

He is a friend and colleague of stunt performer/actor/producer, Mark Riccardi, the stunt double for major film stars like John Travolta and Anthony LaPaglia.

Ben resides in New York's Long Island with his wife, Marci, and their two sons, Stephen and Christopher.

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