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Title: "On A Dark Street"

By: Ben Fiore


Antonio Rivera has a lot to be excited about. He's marrying his longtime sweetheart, Maria, in a couple of days and he's managed to persuade his long estranged father, Luis, to travel in from Miami to attend the wedding. But, even a promising future cannot erase his recent years of committing petty crimes for fast cash.

Not even his fiercely loyal younger brother, Freddie, can sway him from one last, big score just before the wedding day. Teaming up with slimy street character, Cookie Romero, he takes part in the seemingly simple robbery of a jewelry store proprietor, recruiting the reluctant Freddie to act as the getaway driver.

But, when the heist goes awry and Cookie is shot dead, Antonio and Freddie flee the scene in his car. Taking the wheel himself, he accidentally strikes and kills an apparently homeless man crossing a dark, desolate street near a Greyhound Bus Terminal.

Ignoring the distraught cries of Freddie to summon the authorities, Antonio concocts a plan to dump the body into the local bay, thereby avoiding prosecution for the killing and any connection to the botched robbery earlier that night.

But, when their father fails to show up for the wedding the next morning, a visit from the police and a bizarre turn of events shatters the Rivera brothers forever.

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