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Title: Family Tree

Submitter: Citystreet Pictures

Format: Half hour reality sitcom

Summary: Family Tree episodes will consist of the day to day trials and tribulations of a family tree service. The father a 40 year veteran of climbing trees has the painstaking job to keep his sons motivated and safe and make legitimate tree men out of them.

Setting: South Plainfield and all surrounding areas.The Yard.


Frank Riccardi, Sr :70 year old Italian 40 year veteran of the tree business runs the business with an iron fist.Real ball buster first one in last to leave.Can't stand his kids coming in late. No tree is to big for him. Nerves of steel and swears that the trees talk to him! Keeps a huge stack of 100's in his pocket and if he gives ya 2 bucks for a cup of coffee he's gonna want change back.

Frank Riccardi, Jr: The Goomba of the bunch shows up with gold chains and pinky rings.Hair is always perfect and 2 hour day is just fine for him. Parties on the weekend and usually won't be seen or heard from till Tuesday.Very handy with his hands and shows up occasionally, main job keep equipment sharp and run the boom. Thinks he's gonna own business someday but refuses to put in 40 hour week.Constant thorn in the old man's side about money and owning the business someday.

Glen Riccardi: At 43 just recently is given a second chance in life and in the tree business, a real dark horse works his ass off and has no fear of climbing the big trees.His mouth always seems to be running, alot like the chain saws. In the past has always been 12 - 3 kinda guy but as of late he's showing the old man that he has what it takes to be a big time tree man!

Randy Riccardi: Just works for paycheck a no nonsense guy blue collar worker that has his first Five dollars he's ever made, you'll never see him break out and buy lunch.Will work his ass off and never complain.Largely the gopher and the butt kisser. He's the boss over the hired help but rarely raise his voice above a whisper.Will work the tree business for the next 50 years. Entrepreneur always looking for a side angle to make money legit of course.

Mike: Not a family member just a guy that does the grunt work.Has parties to much but shows up sober and another who just works for paycheck. He's also a ball buster and a scape goat for everything that goes wrong.

Demographic: Just think American Choppers meets the Sopranos .Viewers 18 and up Blue collar workers.

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