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Title: Flash Point

Genre: Action/Thriller


Flashpoint is a big budget- fast paced action thriller that will keep you glued to your seat. Set in San Francisco the writers Mark Riccardi and Dan Jenkins take you into the deadly cat and mouse game with ex- bounty hunter extremist Mike Mason and our trained assassin and political terrorist Peter Norhoff also known as Saber.

After Saber completes a hit on an African tribal leader with connections to the OPEC countries, Mason is forced to partner up with Danabo Ikilia or “Dan” a white South African native who follows more of the traditional roots of Africa the only problem is he thinks and acts black.

The two partners end up being pawns in Sabers plans to take out the leaders of the OPEC countries. Saber eyes a perfect opportunity to take them all out at once and Mason and Dan are out to keep that from happening.

One Liner: Ex- bounty hunter extremist Mike Mason and partner Danabo Ikilia track a trained political assassin SABER whose intentions are to take out the OPEC leaders of the world.

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