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Title: The Goomba

Submitter: R.V.P. Entertainment Partners - On behalf of Mark Riccardi, Richard Vaia, and Carl Paoli, the show's creators

Form of Material: Synopsis

Format: A prime time one-hour reality satire sitcom game show.

Setting: Mob Related, Backdrops, Restaurants, Night Clubs and Back Alleys, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago

Series Summary: The reality satire, The Goomba will be a six episode series featuring ten duped contestants competing in a series of comical mob related phony events. These contestants will be chosen from a nationwide panel judged search. These ten contestants will view for the coveted pinkie ring, bragging rights, $50,000 dollars, and a gold plated money clip. Think "Joe Schmoe" meets "The Godfather."

Enormous Preexisting Demographic Viewing Base Includes: The Sopranos, Joe Schmoe, The Godfather Trilogy, The Apprentice, The Wire, The Average Joe.

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