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Hilarious, Shocking, Competitive. From a mock mob set up, to a final elimination, each contestant will be tested to see if they have what it takes to sit at the right hand of the don without getting whacked!

Johnny and Tony Public will compete in witty, seedy, and conniving tasks for The BIG DON. Every move they make will decide whether they fit the dress shoes or the cement shoes.

Episode Overview:

Image Evaluation -- Each week the remaining contestants will be subject to an image evaluation and refinement from the Capos (one down from The Don). Including attire, speech and body language.

Weekly Task -- After the refinement, the orders come from The Don, "THE WEEKLY TASK." Each wannabe "Goomba" will endure their test of loyalty, ingenuity, and cahones.

Performance Evaluation -- After "THE WEEKLY TASK" all wannabe "Goombas" sit before the Captains and the silhouetted Don to be evaluated and dismissed. (Celebrity Don to be revealed on final episode.)

Consequences -- Each week's show will end with the eliminated contestants getting whacked in a mock mob fashion, i.e. exploding car, cement shoes, phone booth shooting, shallow grave in the desert, or a ride in the trunk.

Location -- Downtown warehouses, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, race tracks, and city streets.

The Goomba: Walking the walk. Talking the talk.

Talent Search: Coast to coast search. Audition for eight wannabe "Goombas."
Delivery Boy: First refinement, early wake up, body delivery.
Chop Shop: 2nd refinement, get away from chop shop bust.
Money Bag: Bag delivery, don't look in. Represent the family.
Whack Job: Desert burial, no resting, finish the job.

Gumad: The Don's girl hits on "Goombas." Who's loyal?
FBI Sting: Which "Goomba" rats out the crew.
Money Plant: Plant money on Goomba, question rat.
Fine Dining: 200 bucks, get seated first, best seat, eat well.
Insomnia: Car watch, spy all night, fall sleep you lose.

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