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Carl Lawrence Paoli - Director/Cinematographer
Nicholas James Schodtler - Writer/Producer

BackPay Pictures is native to Chicago's renowned Gold Coast and Streeterville neighborhoods, providing some of the most beautiful property and architecture as their-backyard movie lot. Carl has over 14 years experience in Feature Film as a stuntman, stunt rigger, stunt coordinator and has assisted in second-unit direction and production.

In the summer of 1999, Carl landed the role of stalker-killer "Death Mask" in the upcoming ARTISAN FILMS release SOUL SURVIVORS -starring Wes Bentley, due for release in August, 2001. Carl most recently completed work on JURASSIC PARK III, shot on location in Hawaii and Los Angeles, and is currently working on MINORITY REPORT -starring Tom Cruise, also being shot in Los Angeles. Carl has recently stunt-coordinated episodes of "OZ" in New York, and will be directing "The Big Score" in September.

After surviving a year-long bout with a cancerous brain tumor, Nicholas began writing in 1994, and has been writing and producing independent films for the past several years. Currently, Nicholas is soliciting BackPay Picture's current project COTTON MOUTH, a feature length dark humor/drama.

The 70-minute film was shot in Chicago and on location. Nicholas also recently complete a "spec" script for Take Two Entertainment, whom intend to develop a series based on the script. BackPay Pictures completed their first DV-Film in October 1999 entitled WICKER PARK. The film was shot in Chicago using entirely available light and sound. The film is absolutely beautiful visually and captures the viewer from the opening credits to the last of the end credits.

The film made its screen debut April 5th 2000, at the Chicago Landmark Vic Theater, during a Chicago Community Cinema event. The received rave reviews and was well received by the audience in attendance. BackPay Pictures recently formed a partnership with Take Two Entertainment from Los Angeles. Take Two Entertainment is headed by former stuntman turned producer, Mark Riccardi and stuntman turned writer, Louis Simon.

Mark was an exclusive stunt double for John Travolta over the past eight years. Mark and Louis are currently working with several studios, developing two pilots for television, and a start date of September 10th has been slated to start production of "The Big Score." You can locate BackPay Pictures on the web at:


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