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Semi Sub: Inventive, Entertaining, One Of A Kind

Episode Overview: In the following 24 weeks will follow curtis jackson’s quest to construct and set sail his invention from paper to reality.

Episode 1-4: Start up ideas, Character Introductions, and Solidifying the necessary contacts needed for the financing and actual construction of the vessel.

Episodes 5-12: Financing and permits in place, we now follow Curtis and his builders from the day to day construction of the Semi Sub and the building of his patent one of a kind viewing windows.

Episode 13-15: We follow Curtis and marketing team to the final launch destination in Key Largo, FL. Here they solidify the required permits and documents for delivery and arrival of the vessel. They will also meet with hotel marketing coordinators to introduce this state of the art tourist attraction.

Episode 16-20: Curtis returns to the shipyard. As the building continues, budget and final deadlines worry investors. This also creates enormous pressure and stress for Curtis and all parties.

Episode 21-22: With the construction and final touches being done, the ship is being prepared for its departure to key largo, fl. Publicity for local and national media take place.

Episode: 23 The crowds await the arrival of the newly constructed semi sub. Upon arrival, coast guard inspections cause last minute loopholes that plague the launch of the Semi Sub.

Final Episode 24 (2 hours): With last minute problems now resolved the Semi Sub is lifted and touches the sea water for the first time. After the ribbon cutting and champagne bottle breaking christening, the party is put out to sea as investors and all involved take its maiden voyage. With his dream ship finally becoming a reality, curtis realizes his ship will touch the young and the old and give them the underwater experience of a lifetime.

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